2 Simple Ways To Fix A Minor Car Dent

Sussex County isn’t a sprawling metropolis that other cities are and so not much traffic can be expected in and around its roads. That, however, doesn’t mean cars are a rare sight in this place and where there are cars, there are bound to be accidents. These aren’t major expressway pileups, merely small incidents that happen here and there. One day you’re driving out your driveway and suddenly, WHAM! You hit the garbage bin and your shiny new car now has a shiny new dent. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Dents are probably one of the most common reasons people bring their vehicles to an auto body shop like mertonauto.com. But major crashes aside, minor dents are actually pretty simple to fix. And here are some tips on how to do just that.

1. The first step is to examine the damage closely. If the metallic surface is suffering from crumpling, that is not a minor dent and you will need to take it to the shop. If the dent is fairly small and resembling a small inwards bump, go ahead to step number 2.

2. For small bumps and dents, the solution is right out of a cartoon show. You will need some cleaning rags and, of course, a good ‘ole fashioned plunger. Yes, a plunger. You know where this is going, right?

3. Clean the area surrounding the dent.

4. Press the plunger directly on the damaged area, making sure that there is no air inside. Then, with some force, pull out the dent. This miraculously works on very small ones but might not do it for bigger damages. Use your best judgment.

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If your dent is a little bigger or maybe not the kind you can easily fix with a plunger, then another simpler solution is to hammer it out. Now, before you panic, hear me out. If you’re not too confident about this particular solution, we very much recommend bringing your vehicle to an auto body shop. But if you still want to go through, you will need a mallet, preferably one with rubber head, a soft towel and wooden block that’s roughly the size of your dent.

1. Wrap the wooden block with the soft towel securely. Make sure the block will not slide out of the towel too easily.

2. Clean the damaged area thoroughly.

3. Pressing the towel-wrapped block against dent, strike the other side of the surface with a mallet. Do not hit it too strongly. Use small but forceful hits. This should smoothen out any dent easily.

If none of these solutions are for you, then you should definitely get some professional help. Not only will they be able to un-dent your vehicle, but they might also show you more tips on how to fix minor ones in the future.