Three Classic Cars That Starred In Movies

August 23, 2017

Jay Leno, talk show host and big car enthusiast, once told Popular Mechanics, “I like the cars that need me.” Leno’s garage has been featured many times for its unique classic cars, greats from a Read More

Road Trips Made More Comfortable

August 18, 2017

Road trips are fun, especially here in New Zealand where there are a wealth of scenic routes. Moreover, such occasions give you a chance to get closer to your family and friends. But as the Read More

How to Tell if You Need a Brake Check

August 14, 2017

Congratulations, you’ve passed your test. You’re now a new driver and can enjoy the freedom that driving offers. But not everything is smooth driving for here on. You also need to be aware of how Read More

Comparing the Different Types of Car Lifts

August 11, 2017

Car lifts come in a variety of styles and models. The most common types are of the 2-post lifts and 4-post lifts. Less common designs include scissor lifts, parking lifts, and in-ground lifts. These are Read More

2 Simple Ways To Fix A Minor Car Dent

August 9, 2017

Sussex County isn’t a sprawling metropolis that other cities are and so not much traffic can be expected in and around its roads. That, however, doesn’t mean cars are a rare sight in this place Read More

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