3 Angles Which Influence Volkswagen Wheel Alignment

man working on wheel alignment

There are various car models on the market nowadays, but Volkswagens remain the most robust cars available. Although they are durable and able to endure multiple issues on today’s roads, professional care is essential to prolonging their service life. Routine servicing goes a long way in caring for your Volkswagen, but sometimes problems arise which necessitate repair.

One of the common issues that necessitate a visit to a Volkswagen repair shop is the misalignment of your wheels. Wheel misalignment commonly results from disrupting your Volkswagen’s suspension which causes improper angling of your wheels. Here are the three primary angles adjusted during your car’s wheel alignment.


This refers to the angle that influences your tyres’ wearing. In a positive camber, your tyres lean outwards at the top while in negative, they lean inwards. An improper camber angle causes uneven loading of your car, which decreases your car’s performance when cornering or accelerating. Positive and negative cambers will also stress your inner and outer wheel bearings respectively.


This refers to the angle created by your steering wheel’s pivot point and can be positive or negative. In a positive caster, the line angles forward, and in a negative caster, it angles backwards. If your caster angle is compromised, there will be excessive side to side pulling of your car, which can compromise your vehicle’s stability.


This refers to the outward or inward angling of your tires when viewed from the top-down. The toe settings of your car affect its handling characteristics. Rear wheel drive Volkswagens have slight positive toe angles in which the tyres face each other while front drive ones have a slight negative toe angle.

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Depending on the angle causing wheel misalignment, there are different issues your Volkswagen can face. Rather than wearing out the tyes, experiencing vehicle instability and poorly handling your vehicle, get your alignment regularly checked. Volkswagen manufacturers recommend bi-annual wheel alignment checks for their vehicles regardless of the model.