3 Easy Ways to Dispose of Your Old, Non-Functioning Vehicle

old red mustang

old red mustangLetting go of your old vehicle can be tough. Whether you have an emotional attachment or simply want to get money from it, you still want to make sure that you’re making the right move. There are three ways to get rid of your vehicle – selling as scrap, selling the parts individually, and donating – and the choice depends on its condition and your preferences.

Sell It for Cash

If your vehicle is old, damaged, and beyond repair, you can still make money from it. All you need is to find the nearest scrap metal buyers in your area. Make sure to check their reputation and compare pricing quotes before transacting, though. If you’re worried about the transport, car removalists like Martin Scrap Metals have trucks and weighing equipment for quick and easy appraisals.

Chop It Up

If your vehicle only has a damaged engine, you can dismantle it and sell the parts individually. There are instances when repair shops can’t find engine replacements because the model is too old or phased out. For sure, there are still people driving the same vehicle as you. Know how to price the parts right and start advertising, like putting up a sign or posting ads online, to get started.

Give It Away

Why not be a Good Samaritan and donate your vehicle instead. You won’t get anything in return apart from complimentary gifts, but your deed will go a long way. Who knows, it can help fund a child’s surgery, rebuild towns after a natural disaster, or protect animal rights.

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Decide if you want to donate it directly to a specific charity or give it to an institution that works in partnership with many charities around the country. Those who’ll receive your vehicle will either dismantle the parts that are in good condition or sell it as scrap metal.

These are only some of the most common ways to dispose of your vehicle. The decision still depends on what you want to do, so choose whether you prefer to earn or help the community.