3 Enjoyable Road Trip Adventures You Can Enjoy from Perth

Car Rental in Perth

Car Rental in PerthPerth features consistently on several lists of the world’s best cities for its outdoor sports and family-friendly recreational options. Perfect weather conditions combined with the pristine beauty of Western Australia makes Perth a delightful destination for adventure seekers and road trippers.

Here are some of the most fascinating road trip routes to be enjoyed from the city from ariescarrental.com.au.

Perth to Coral Bay

A road trip from Perth to Coral Bay offers an exhilarating experience of driving along Western Australia’s breathtakingly beautiful Coral Coast. Enjoy watching everything from sprawling national parks to cast-away yellow deserts to other iconic coastal landmarks, and a bunch of chic bars and cafes along the route.

You can cover Cervantes, Geraldton, Kalbarri, Denham, Shark Bay and Carnarvon on this route. This midwest Australian road trip spans a distance of approximately 1,125 kilometres.

Perth to Esperance

Esperance, where the outback converges with the Southern Ocean, is Western Australia’s crown owing to its lush beachside topography and variety of national parks. Travellers flock here to experience the strikingly beautiful Cape Le Grand National Park. This road trip route destination will make you halt several times to take in the beauty of Australia’s majestic white sand southwest coast. The drive from Perth to Esperance covers about 720 kilometres via State Route 40 and National Route 1. The best time to take the trip is during the wildflower and whale watching season September to November.

Short Trip from Perth to Rockingham

The beautiful islands and secluded bays (located at a drive of about 40 minutes from Perth) just off Rockingham coast offer perfect family-friendly day trip opportunities for swimming with dolphins and snorkelling.

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Western Australia serves as a great base for plenty of sightseeing opportunities owing to its white sandy bays, coral coast backdrops and enchanting desert landscapes. One of the best ways for budget road trippers is to find companies that offer cheap car hire in Perth.