3 Leading Causes of Roadside Breakdowns

Towing ServiceMany people often fall victim to cars breaking down on the road, leaving them stranded and at the mercy of well-wishers. The article highlights some of the leading causes of cars breaking down by the roadside.

Keeping your car in good condition lowers the possibility of suffering a roadside breakdown in the middle of nowhere. With the modern technology evolving rapidly, the cars feature sophisticated computer system that increases safe and performance.

However, despite the technological advancements, drivers often make several mistakes that leave them stranded on the roads. In case, you have a breakdown; you should place a call to a reliable towing service in Brisbane like Ready Towing. Apart from the quick response, such services boast the latest in highway safety gear to get you to safety quickly.

Here are some common causes of roadside breakdowns

Flat batteries

Although loose connections are to blame for most of the flat battery cases, your driving habits also make a significant contribution. For starters, taking too many trips over short distances could drain the battery. Driving over long distances recharges the battery to the brim, keeping it functional at all times. Similarly, powerful car stereos and multi screens drain away the battery, and it gets worse if you only drive short distances.

Damaged tyres

Regular driving takes a toll on the tyres causing the threads to wear out. Therefore, you need to check a tyre’s tread depth on a regular basis. Uneven wear on a tyre indicates a problem with a vehicle’s wheel alignment, which calls for the attention of a specialist. Your driving style also determines the wear and tear on the tyres. Cornering and braking too hard promote uneven wear and can potentially damage the tires.

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Using adulterated fuel

Unfortunately, some gas stations tamper with their fuel by adding additives, which lowers the quality. Adulterated fuel clogs up the gas line in your car, leading to problems with the engine. Call for a towing truck in case you fall victim and avoid causing further damage to your engine.

Regular car maintenance eliminates most of the problems that lead to a car breaking down by the roadside.