3 Tricks to Make You a Better Hunter

Hunter with his Dog

One hunter goes to the woods and clean shoots a monster deer. Another one goes to the same spot and comes home with nothing. What’s the difference between the two? Well, it’s got little to do with luck. The first hunter has the skills of a master hunter; the second doesn’t.

If you’ve related to the second hunter, here are tips that can help you so you wouldn’t need luck this season.

Assemble the right equipment.

If you are going to be a serious hunter, then you need to invest in good equipment. To get closest to the game, you’ll need an Argo 8×8 hunting XTV from Shank’s Argo, which is perfect for navigating any surface out in the wild.

Buy a crossbow or a gun too, and some scent eliminator to cover your scent. You’ll also need the right hunting clothing to camouflage yourself in the woods.

Learn to stay quiet.

Covering your scent is a smart way to avoid spooking game, but that won’t make you totally safe. Animals have a very sharp hearing and will detect any movements from a mile away.

So do your best to keep silent. A good idea is to set your stand a day or two early. Wear sound eliminating boots too, and try to move very quietly.

Hunt at the right time.

If you are planning to hunt deer, then you’d better know when the right time to do it is. Typically, deer are most active in the morning and near dusk.

If you intend to hunt in the early morning, then it’s best to set your stand near the deer’s route to bedding. If, on the other hand, you plan to hunt as the sun sets, set the stand near the feeding area.

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There are easy ways you can increase your hunting prowess quickly, even you are still a beginner in the practice. All it takes is investing in the right equipment, staying invisible and hunting at the right time.