4 BMW Car Parts that Can Surprisingly Be Recycled

Car Parts Services in Perth

Car Parts Services in PerthOne of the guaranteed ways of reducing your carbon footprint is by giving up your car or parts of it to wreckers. They have invested in modern machines that enable them to carry out recycling processes without polluting the environment. Here are some of the car parts that can be recycled.


Some wreckers, such as BMW and VW wreckers Perth car owners trust, have a take back policy that offers a cash incentive to car owners in exchange for old car battery. Lead, one of the main components used to make batteries, is very toxic. That is why, there is a need to make sure the old battery is correctly disposed of.


They take up a lot of room in landfills and are not easily broken down by soil microorganisms due to their inorganic nature. New technological innovation has made it possible for wreckers to recycle old tires without polluting the environment. Most of them have collection centres where you can take all your old tires. Artificial turf and fuel are the two main by-products.

Scrap Metal

Most metallic parts of your car are recyclable. Large parts of the car such as steel wheels, radiators, fenders and doors can be easily recycled in the wreckage yard. But, some smaller parts such as mufflers, catalytic converters, spark plugs and brake shoes are not recyclable, but there are safe methods of disposing of them.

Auto Glass

Broken windshields usually end up in landfills. They cause soil pollution and contaminate underground water sources, as they are inorganic. Just like tires, they cannot be broken down into simpler forms by microorganisms. Note that automotive glass is different from the regular glass. It requires sophisticated recycling methods. Floor tiles, drinking glasses and counter tops are some of the common products made from waste auto glass.

Car wreckers play a very important role of promoting environmental wellness. Take part in initiatives that promote recycling of car parts.