4 Car Parts You Should Never Fail to Check

Man checking the fuel filter of the car

When it comes to car maintenance, the engine, oil, and tyres are already staples. But these are not the only things you should check. You should also consider these as they can have a severe impact on your car’s age and safety.

Fuel Filter

A car needs fuel filters to remove any object in the fuel that may clog your engines, such as paint and rust. These need periodic replacement, depending on the vehicle and model. If you’re driving a Toyota Hilux, you may have to buy a Hilux fuel filter every 90,000 kilometres.


Cars are made of metal, and they can be reactive to their surroundings especially water. The more they are exposed to these natural elements, the more they change in physical and chemical properties. One of the changes is rusting, which can leave holes and reduce the reliability and safety of the vehicle. It also decreases its trade-in value significantly.

Rear-view Mirror

Rear-view mirrors are some of the cost-effective security features of your car. Not only do they help you check if someone’s tailing you, but they can also reduce the risks of accidents due to blind spots. They can get damaged, including breaking off completely in certain situations. Always check if it’s connected to a grille. It is also not advisable to clean the mirror with chemical solutions.

ABS Sensors

One of the common reasons for accidents is skidding, where your car loses traction, and the wheels cease to rotate. To correct this, car manufacturers install an anti-lock braking system, which works alongside sensors attached to the wheels. These sensors are necessary as they detect the motion of your wheels. Due to their location, they can accumulate so much dirt that causes your ABS light to come on.

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With these additional parts to check, car maintenance may be more time-consuming, but everything is worth it. After all, your safety is priceless.