4 of the World’s Top Luxury Car Rims

rimPeople nowadays consider footwear as an integral part of their fashion. It’s not all about what’s on top anymore. The same can be said for cars and their rims. More than giving your ride added appeal and style, car rims serve as a signature that makes your vehicle completely unique from the rest.

Whether you are driving a Bentley, Ferrari, Bugatti, and Lamborghini or a BMW, Audi, and Mercedes Benz, or even a Chrysler, Tesla, Toyota, and Nissan, fitting in custom rims can notably change your ride’s appeal.

Here are four of the most luxurious custom car rims you can put on your wheels:


Famous for the million-dollar, jewel-encrusted wheels during the SEMA Auto Show, this manufacturer is more than just gems and stones. Asanti rims, as per AllStarTire.com, present timeless design, innovative engineering, and uncompromised quality. They also sell the lightest yet strongest rims on the market.

Lexani Forged

This manufacturer produces wider rims with larger diameters and thinner spokes because they have a strong metal structure. Their products manifest refined workmanship combined with a pleasing design. Lexani Forged is the maker of the lightweight alloy-made three-piece custom forged wheel.

Forgiato Estremo

Speaking of a three-piece forged wheel, this company produces such rims based on the specifications of their customers. Integrating your preferences on the level of concavity or convexity makes the products exclusive. Forgiato Estremo uses aircraft-grade aluminum on the rims, which also have modified finishes.


With an extensive experience in the industry, this manufacturer sets the standards for modular wheels. They use an exclusive technology that allows them, and the owner himself, to design and create unique rims. Nutek wheels feature creativity in its eccentric two or three-color finish combinations.

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Driving around with custom car rims makes your ride eye-catching and downright distinctive from the rest. If you want to give your car the best style and appeal when on the road, fit it with luxury rims.