4 Offbeat Ways to Keep Your Car Longer

Man checking the oil of the car

Whether the reason is sentimental or practical, there is nothing wrong with wanting to keep your car for as long as possible. Older cars are not automatically inferior to newer models, after all.

There are some ways to keep your car running. K.D. Auto Spares, for instance, continues to supply Skyline spare parts to ensure that the owners of this Nissan line can still enjoy their vehicles more than a decade after buying it. Aside from having a reliable dealer of spare parts, here are some offbeat ways to hold onto your car for a bit longer.

Drive Your Car Gently

Going easy on how you handle your car pays off in the long run. Avoiding hard accelerations and brakes, for instance, reduces the wear and tear that your car goes through. Moreover, aggressive driving will only cost you more money, either through maintenance, gas, or even traffic tickets.

The Lighter the Load, the Better

While your car can hold extra cargo, it doesn’t mean that a constantly heavy load won’t affect your vehicle’s performance. The more a car weighs, the harder its engine, brakes, transmission and suspension has to work. To reduce unnecessary strain on your car, only drive with the essentials.

Clean Away Corrosive Materials

Regularly washing your car does not only improve its performance; it also minimises exposure to corrosion-causing contaminants. Although its paint job is a car’s first layer of protection against harmful elements, constant exposure to water, dirt and grime still results in rust.

Change Oil Regularly

Your car’s oil coats and protects your engine’s moving parts and it also extracts metal flakes and other debris. If you are unable to flush out these harmful bits, it will keep your engine from running at its best.

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Keeping your car on the road as long as possible doesn’t always mean costly maintenance and repair fees. It’s about taking care of it consistently, especially with the minor details.