4 Steps to Effective Car Tyre Management

Car Tyre Management in ClaremontYour car may be in tip-top shape. It has a well-oiled engine and transmission. The exhaust system is flawless. Even the car body and the brakes are excellent. If your car does not have a good set of wheels or even a well-maintained one, however, do you think you can go far?

While many pimp their ride by spending thousands of dollars on detailing, repainting and setting up the monster sound system in the back, you simply need to make sure that you manage your car tyres properly to get the best mileage from your treasured ride. Here’s how.

Make Sure the Contact Patch is Intact

Your tyres are what connects you and your car to the road. Without this, it will simply be impossible to move. The contact patch is what carries the entire weight of the car and absorbs every imaginable obstacle on the road, while responding to your driving inputs. This means that regularly maintaining the contact patch of your tyres is essential to maintain stability and safety on the road.

Make Sure Your Tyres are Well-Balanced

If you buy well-balanced tyres in Claremont or any Perth car shops, these can prevent vibrations and uneven wear of the tyre treads. In addition, wheel balancing protects your car’s suspension systems, steering and bearings. Keeping your car’s balance can significantly increase the lifespan of your tyres.

Regularly Check Tyre Pressure

Air pressure in your tyres allows you to take full control of your car and protect your tyres against irreversible damage in the tyre’s internal structures as well as premature wear. Underinflating your tyre can decrease overall car performance by increasing fuel consumption and generating excessive heat. Underinflated tyres can make your car much more difficult to control, while overinflating your car can increase the risk of damaging your tyres entirely. It can blow out, wear a lot faster and render your car unsafe to drive.

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Make Sure Your Tyres are Aligned Properly

In addition to wheel balancing, you need to make sure that your tyres are in correct alignment. Aligning your car’s wheels protect it from rapid wear or even irregular wear. A well-aligned set of wheels will be a lot safer to drive.

Look at your car’s tyres as your feet. Without them, mobility will simply be quite impossible. Managing your car’s tyres is important to enjoying the pleasures of driving your car.