5 Traits to Look for in a Custom Machining

Custom Machining in Perth

Custom Machining in PerthThere are plenty of shops for custom machining, but how do you know which one to choose? When it comes to custom machining, you need a company that can manufacture the parts and pieces you need, but can also provide you with quality work that you can rely on.

To find quality custom machining shops for your needs, here are 5 traits that set them apart.

1. Equipment

The first trait to look for in a custom machining shop is their equipment. Not all shops have the same machining equipment, so before you order anything, ask for the types of equipment they have on hand. This is to ensure that they have the ability to make the parts or pieces you need. It would also help if you can ask to see some sample pieces they have made previously to check the quality of their work.

2. Assembly Services

Even if you think you don’t need an end-to-end service, it would help to know if the custom machining shop you have your eye on has an assembly of their list of services. This is especially helpful if an emergency happens, and you need custom assembly work for the pieces you ordered.

3. Continuous Development Program/Training

Machining technology and techniques can change quickly, so look for companies that go continuous training and development. Here in Perth, you can also check if they are updated with the latest advancements in equipment – a sure sign that they have high-quality custom machining.

4. Qualifications

Making engineering parts is not an easy task, and you need a company that can meet industry standards. Look for a custom machining shop with the correct certifications, specifically ISO 9001 and AS 9100. These qualifications ensure that the custom machining shop can delivery quality pieces that you can use for your engineering needs.

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5. Quality Customer Service

A good relationship with customers is a trait you should never overlook. Check the internet if the custom machining company you want has an online presence. A website with clear and precise services list and contact information tells you that they offer quality custom-made parts and that they can easily be found. Positive online reviews and testimonials from past customers also assure you that their work can be trusted.

These are just the top 5 traits you need to look for in a custom machining shop. Make sure that the custom machining company you want has these characteristics so that you get quality engineering parts every time.