A Guide to the Different Oil Change Services

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One of the critical components of your car is its oil. Oil changes constitute an essential aspect of vehicle maintenance. Frequent changes based on your manufacturer’s instructions are crucial to keeping your vehicle in excellent condition.

There are different types of motor oils on the market, and the frequency of your oil change in an Alexandria, VA auto shop depends on your specific oil type. Below is an expert guide to understanding your oil change service.

Conventional oil change

This service uses the conventional oil resulting from petroleum. This was the only oil change option for decades and is still recommended by experts for most cars especially new ones with at most 5,000 miles. Conventional oil change is significantly less costly compared to high mileage and synthetic oil changes. It is an ideal option for vehicle owners who can keep up with frequent oil changes.

Synthetic oil change

Synthetic oil was initially used for jet aircraft. It is however currently routinely used for vehicles owing to its ability to reduce wear and friction on auto engine parts significantly because of its unique chemical formula. A synthetic oil change service is more costly compared to a conventional one, but it lasts over three times longer compared to the latter. It also flows smoothly in cold weather and uses less energy, hence reducing your fuel costs.

High mileage oil change

This service is recommended for cars with an odometer reading of least 75,000 miles. High mileage oil slows your engine part’s aging process and extends your vehicle’s performance life. It also conditions your engine seals, lowers fuel consumption in older cars and reduces engine deposits and leaks.

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With all the oil change options available, it might be hard to determine the best for your vehicle. It is ideal to follow the recommended viscosity and grade on your vehicle’s manual. An auto mechanic will also help you pick your vehicle’s perfect oil.