Aerial Safety Protocols when Operating a Bucket Truck

Men On A Bucket Truck

Men On A Bucket TruckBucket trucks are helpful additions to a company fleet. They perform aerial tasks such as setting up lights, picking produce, and repairing electrical lines. While the aerial devices have proper safety designs, other factors such as fatigue may cause problems.

According to Commerce Truck & Equipment Sales, it can be challenging to look for a shop that can repair a bucket truck. You’ll have to find a mechanic who specializes in repairing it, and check that they have the necessary tools and equipment.

To avoid accidents and serious repairs, here are aerial safety protocols when operating a bucket truck:

Training and Instructions

The bucket truck operator should have the proper training on how to use that specific vehicle safely. They should rely on the manufacturer’s instructions when operating the elevated work platform. Additionally, they should never override mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic safety devices.

Worker’s Safety

Unless permitted by the manufacturer, the operator shouldn’t move the truck when there are workers on the elevated platform. Workers on the elevated platform shouldn’t place themselves between overhead hazards and the rails of the basket. The lift’s movement could accidentally crush them.


The workers should use a body harness attached to the basket to prevent accidental ejection. If there are outriggers available, operators should put them into use. When operating the bucket truck on an incline, it is also important to set the brakes and use the vehicle’s wheel chocks.

Load Limit

To avoid tip-over hazards, do not exceed the load limits of the bucket truck. Take into account the combined weight of the workers, their tools, and the materials in use. Do not place any item in the bucket, such as step tools or ladders, just to increase work height.

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Bucket trucks are helpful equipment to assist on aerial tasks. To avoid any accidents when operating one, operators and workers should be vigilant at all times.