An Actor’s Essential Guide for Acing Most Auditions

Auditions in Fraser ValleyThere are specific differences between theater and film auditions. And yes, there are cold-reading auditions and open auditions. Knowing the differences between these kinds of actors’ appointments can help you prepare properly for them.

When You Know Your Role – Other productions call for auditions and say outright the actors they need. If you do fit the bill inform them of your interest and come in as early as possible. If you’ve been pre-informed of the role, research on how the part has been done in the past and judge whether or not you can meet that standard or just give it your own spin. They may also request a brief monologue, so brush up on your memorization skills.

Film or Theater Readings – Reading for a TV or movie equates close-ups so make sure you look good in front of the camera. Bring a small makeup kit to cover up any blemishes or scars or ask if there’s a makeup crew available. Theater readings may require you to use your voice and body more than just your face. Best that you come in fresh and not rushed if that’s the case. See to owning any used car for sale before planning to go around Fraser Valley for your auditions.

For Blind/Cold Readings – Sometimes, you can come in knowing little to nothing about a role that you’re auditioning for. That’s because some productions need to keep their projects as discrete as possible, which may be included in your contract once you’re in. Be ready for certain requests like changing your age, race, voice, accent, or body type. This is usually a closed audition, so only a select number of actors may be present at a time. You absolutely shouldn’t late so it’s best that you do invest on your own ride when auditioning.

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The idea of auditions is for a production to know who fits the bill best. Come in with confidence, and let your talent shine. Also, pack food and drinks in the car because you may have to wait a while.