Argo Unveils New Line of XTVs for Commercial, Recreational Use


Buyers of an Argo utility vehicle – which you can get from dealers such as Shank’s Argo – will have more options in 2018 after the company introduced a new line of extreme terrain vehicles (XTV), comprising commercial and recreational units.

The amphibious XTV vehicle line-up offers different features that would further complement Argo’s existing vehicle portfolio, including its Xplorer series of ATVs, according to ARGO XTV president Brad Darling.

Business with Pleasure

Recreational XTV users may choose from the Frontier, Avenger and Conquest series. The Frontier line has six models, which is more suitable for first-time drivers. Engines depend on the Frontier model, although it would typically use a 23-26 HP EFI Kohler Command Pro engine.

On the other hand, the Avenger series represents the most in-demand vehicle type in Argo’s lineup of XTVs, according to the company. Similar to the Frontier line, it has six models and customization packages.

If you often spend time outdoors and on tough terrain, the Conquest type should be your choice. Customers can also acquire the Avenger and Conquest models in commercial configurations.

Golden Anniversary

Darling said that the 2018 XTV models signify the company’s development of off-road vehicles since 1967. The company recently celebrated the milestone by launching the Xplorer series, which is a new line of four-wheel all-terrain vehicles. The new series comes in single and two-seat configurations.

Argo places a significant amount of attention to its ATV customers, since “67% of current Argo XTV owners also own an ATV,” according to Darling. As part of its ‘Go Anywhere’ philosophy, the company intends to maintain or improve this trend for the next 50 years.

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Argo’s new line of recreational and commercial XTVs should be a cause of excitement for ATV and XTV users. As the second half of 2017 is nearly over, when do you intend to buy a new off-road vehicle?