Boat Lift Operation: What You Need to Know for Your Safety

Boat being lifted

When applying or renewing for a marina or condo permit, especially in Rockport, TX, it may be necessary to use a boat lift to transport your vessel around. Boat lifts are important for keeping unpainted hulls protected against constant exposure to salt or fresh water. This might damage the boat or cause unwanted growth that could affect your boat’s overall performance.

Despite its popularity and widespread use, boat lifts are easily one of the most abused tools out there, potentially causing thousands of dollars worth of damage and physical injury. To avoid these untoward incidences, here are a few tips about boat lifts and boat lift services that could help you out.

Rated Capacity

Many users believe that boat lift manufacturers place safety measures that allow a certain excess above the rated capacity. They let their equipment handle weights far heavier than what it can lift. This is a bad idea, though. The listed weight capacity must be treated as a maximum; you should never exceed. While it’s true that manufacturers allow some excess weight, it’s the cables that often give way and snap from all the weight. To prevent these accidents, always make sure you follow all weight recommendations fully.

Safety Reminders

When operating boat lifts, ShoreStation Boat Lifts noted that there are things you need to take note of. Here are some examples:

  • The rated capacity does not include the equipment itself. This means the frame, the cables, and the fuel need not be considered during lifts.
  • Boats have different weights when wet and dry. Manufacturers often use dry weights, so use a margin of 300 to 500 lbs. to account for water weight.
  • When computing a boat’s weight, include all additional accessories. Account for the fuel tank as well. A good rule of thumb for gasoline weight is 8 lbs. per gallon.
  • Never allow any person to be on the vessel during lifts. In addition, nobody should be underneath a lifted boat at any time.
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Boat lifts are a useful addition to any dock or port. Always operate it with caution and safety in mind to save yourself from all the hassle.