Business Travel Hacks You Need to Know Before Heading to Manila

Manila skyline

The last thing you need when traveling for business is the unexpected hiccup on the road. A delay takes attention off critical business matters you need to handle during the trip. Whether you’re going to be in Manila for a few days or just a day, prepare with the following ideas in mind:

The “One Travel Bag” Rule

Why check in your luggage when you can pack smart with one reliable bag? A single carry on like a roller bag will allow you to breeze through airports while the rest of the passengers hang around the luggage carousel for their bags.

Consider packing a digital scale on every trip, so you don’t end up overpacking on your return. You may want to bring back a few souvenirs or suddenly have to buy new clothes while in Manila. A tiny digital scale can help save you from fees.

Pre-Arrange Transportation Services

Everything takes time in the Philippines, especially when it comes to public transportation. Hailing a cab could mean showing up late to a crucial meeting or being stuck in traffic for hours. Book a car rental service in Manila, and you will avoid the hassles of public transportation.

Make sure insurance is included in the rate, and that your driver is an experienced, licensed professional. You can also choose to drive the vehicle yourself, provided you carry an international driver’s license, and you’re somewhat familiar with local traffic rules and routes.

Stay in the Right Location

Don’t settle for accommodations that are not within a few minutes of where you need to be for critical meetings and discussions. Pay for that extra premium rate for a hotel room that lets you be where you need to be even if there are other options for cheaper accommodations a few kilometers away.

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Traveling for business in Manila, whether it’s just for a day or a few days, is not a time to let travel details fall into the cracks. Prepare for your trip, and your trip will go as smoothly as possible.