Buying a Second-Hand Car? Go to Florida

Woman bought a used car

Florida is popular for its scenic beaches and generally sunny weather each year, yet the state may soon be famous because of car prices.

If you are looking to buy a second-hand vehicle, it is likely that you will save almost $1,000 when you buy from dealers in the state such as, as before owned car prices in Florida are the lowest nationwide, according to a study.

Most Affordable State

The study said that the low prices stem from tight competition. A used car dealership in Bradenton, for instance, may offer the lowest possible price to beat their competitors in Tampa. Manatee County also joined a list of the 12 best counties for buyers to acquire used cars.

Favorable weather serves as another reason behind the state’s cheap prices. Unlike in colder states, people tend to shop around for cars more often if the weather permits it. Meanwhile, a separate report showed that compact cars are the most popular vehicle type in Florida.

Best Brands

Most drivers in Florida prefer to use a Toyota Corolla, which is the top vehicle choice in the state, according to Kelley Blue Book data. The new information showed each state’s most preferred car brand and type. It used new car registrations in 2016 to create the list.

Compact cars are also a favorite of drivers in California, Ohio, Florida and Washington, D.C, while SUVs are the most popular in more than 10 states. In terms of best-sellers, the Ford F150 emerged as the most favored model in more than 22 states.

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The data also noted that sedans have continually lost their appeal, amid the growing popularity of pickup trucks.

Second-hand cars are a good option for those with a limited budget. Whether you intend to buy a brand new or used car, take note that finding a trusted dealer remains important.