Car Care Guide: Keeping Car Paint Looking New

Car Care Guide

Car Care GuideOne way to keep your car looking good is to ensure its paint remains bright and shiny. And washing the vehicle isn’t the only thing to keep it that way. In the same manner, there are things to watch out to preserve the car’s exterior. Remember paint does more than aesthetics. It protects the metal beneath from the elements.

Know what causes damage

There are just certain things that can damage the car’s paint without the owners being aware. Writing and rubbing on a dirty car surface may seem like fun. And people do it for mischief. But that’s one of the ways to leave permanent marks. Remember, it’s not just writing on the surface, but using dirt that’s gathered on top.

Think of dirt as sandpaper. When it’s dragged across the surface, it will likely leave permanent scratches. Not only will the paint become dull over time, it will also ruin the paint job.

Even gasoline spills when filling the tank can cause damage to paint. So don’t fill it up to overflowing because gasoline over time will stain the car’s finish.

You might as well want to park your car in a shaded area. Direct exposure to the sunlight, especially at midday, can cause damage to your car’s finish over time. This will not only result to faded car paint, but the dashboard and other parts of the interior as well.

Learn to drive at a lower speed when passing by a rough terrain or road near a construction site. Bits of rocks and other debris can hit your car hard when running at top speed and even cause damage to both panel and paint.

Cleaning paint

This involves more than just using a hose, soap and rag. Cleaning the car’s paint means removing oxidation and contaminants, then adding emollient oils back into the finish to restore lustre. A pre-wax cleaner is what you need to do this.

There are friction and chemical pre-wax cleaners. The former smoothens the paint in a way that is not damaging but helps bring back sheen, while the latter simply removes oxidation. Chemical pre-wax cleaners can remove stains, tree saps and whatever particles the car accumulates when travelling at top speed.

How often to clean the paint? This depends on how often the car is used and where it is parked. The more exposed, the most often – maybe two to three times a year.

Polish after wash

Washing is, of course, essential to help preserve the car’s paint. It will get rid of most dirt and whatever other stuff gets stuck to the vehicle. Be careful when using sponges or cloth for washing. Make sure they never fall to the ground because they will pick up more dirt that can scratch the car, too.

Always use 100 percent cotton cloth for polishing.

According to the experts from A 1 Smash Repairs, car care isn’t as simple as it seems to preserve a brand new look. But care for it right and the car paint should last.