Car Maintenance: Keep These in Mind

Car MaintenanceYour car is one of your most precious possessions, tried and tested to take you anywhere anytime you need it. To keep it in good condition, and for your own safety, check on it regularly. Along with that, you need to have the right tools and equipment on hand, like the reliable Titan car lift in case of emergency engine problems.

To extend your car’s life and for your safety on the road, remember these car maintenance reminders:

  • Tire maintenance

Always check your tires for wear, cracks, and bulging. An improperly inflated tire can cause accidents and affect fuel efficiency. It's best to have a tire pressure gauge, so you can always check on your tire. Make sure it has the right pressure to prevent a flat tire. Take note that temperature affects tire pressure.

  • Brake maintenance

Your brakes help you stop the car. If they malfunction, accidents are most likely to happen. To prevent such mishap, have your braking system regularly checked by a professional mechanic. Don’t wait for grinding and shaking sounds before you act on them.

  • Oil and power steering fluid maintenance

Before a long journey, check your oil level and power steering fluid to make sure your car will run smoothly. Doing so will also help you detect possible leaks. Change oil regularly and refill the fluid as needed. Take note that too much oil can cause too much pressure. This can damage the engine and cause oil leaks.

  • Engine coolant maintenance

Engine coolant eliminates excess heat from your vehicle’s engine. However, if the coolant levels are too low, your engine will overheat, resulting in serious damage.

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Hassles down the road are headaches. For a problem-free trip, have your car maintained regularly. And of course, don’t forget those handy tools and equipment.