Car Rental Revolution in Full Swing

ParkingThe average motorist will spend thousands buying or leasing a car only to end up parking it for up to 90% of its life. While it is often ignored, it is still a fact that remains.

The truth is that cars are very much capable of running 24/7. Manufacturers build them to last and to perform through extreme circumstances. In spite of this, a great deal of motorists will end up ignoring their cars. What’s more is that during the times when drivers indeed drive their cars, it only runs up to about an hour or two.

When people do the math, what they will get is about 33 miles a day on the average of 12,000 miles annually. It is due to these numbers that renting a car makes much more sense than buying a vehicle that will spend a good majority of its lifetime parked idly.

Individuals with few public transport options can simply search the web for recommended car rental companies through their mobile devices and receive results within seconds. Furthermore, all it takes is a few minutes to book a car and receive confirmation of your booking.

While vehicle hire may be more expensive in certain parts of the world, it is an industry that is steadily gaining prominence in the market share and there should be a significant decrease in rates within a few years. In fact, there are already more flexible terms that are available to renters these days. One such example of this is the car rental giant Enterprise.  While they may have fixed rates per day, they add that rates of less or more than their standard rates may be available.

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Another draw that renting cars has is that manual motoring costs are of no concern. This means that tyre wear, servicing and maintenance, and depreciation will not be your problem. In addition, many renters have the opportunity to drive a great variety of cars coming from a wide range of makes and models. This means having the best of both worlds without being stuck with the responsibilities of upkeep and maintenance.

There is little doubt that more and more people are turning to rental cars. The bigger the industry gets, the lower the prices will be for consumers—in theory. This could lead to a future where the prevalent school of thought may be to rent rather than own or lease a new car.