Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Silent Killer in Vehicle Shops

MonoxiventDiesel- and gas-powered engines, used not only in vehicles but also in heavy machinery, generate a considerable amount of toxic gases and fine particulate matters. These exhaust emissions will not only lead to severe legal liabilities for businesses that involve these machines, but also life-threatening situations, particularly for the workers.

One of the most dangerous gases emitted by activities in industrial facilities, such as vehicle and heavy machinery repair shops as well as others that make use of them is carbon monoxide (CO). CO is odorless, tasteless, and invisible, so just because no one can smell, taste, or see it, does not mean it is not present in the air.

Indoor carbon monoxide levels in vehicle and heavy machinery repair shops

Carbon monoxide is a huge contributor to poor indoor air quality, and its presence (in significant amounts) in the vehicle and heavy machinery repair shops put everyone at risk of exposure and poisoning. Whenever an automobile or heavy machine is powered on, its engine undergoes combustion process, generating CO.

Because this procedure takes place every single day in such facilities and working environments, all employees, particularly operators, mechanics, and technicians, are at seriously high risks of CO exposure and poisoning.

Carbon monoxide exposure can kill

According to Communications Workers of America (CWA), tens of thousands of workers suffer from the negative health effects of carbon monoxide exposure. Next to alcohol, CO causes the most number of deaths compared to all other toxic agents.

Low-level exposure can still result in health problems

Exposure to carbon monoxide, even in just minute levels, can already result in symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and fatigue. Leave the problem untreated, and it can cause permanent neuron and brain damage, or worse, premature death.

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It is, therefore, critical for organizations and facilities to employ correct measures provide its workers with a safe, healthy, and risk-free working environments. Through the use of vehicle exhaust capture and removal systems,including exhaust hoses and tailpipes, you can control exhaust emissions in your business.