Care and Maintenance Tips for Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps can help a lot in your advertising efforts. Most of the time, however, car owners overlook car wraps’ cleaning and proper maintenance. This leads to premature graphic degradation and will be detrimental advertising for your business.

With good care and maintenance, vehicle wraps installed in Texas (TX) typically last for 3–5 years. Caring for your wrap is, therefore, crucial to ensure handsome returns on your investment. Here are some guidelines for upkeep and maintenance to prolong the life of your wrap.


Hand washing your car frequently using a soft and clean sponge or cloth is ideal. You can also use a high-pressure sprayer but at not less than 300mm away and at a perpendicular angle to your wrap surface. The power of pressure sprayers can rip the wrap if held too close. Avoid automatic car washes that use bristles which can damage the wrap.

Film Restoration

If your wrap has a gloss finish, hand wax the vehicle using polymer-based wax every 3–4 months. For satin or matte finishes, use a water and isopropyl alcohol mixture in the ratio of 1:2 as your quick detailer. If you opt for the services of a professional detailer, ensure the wax and cleaning products used are safe for your car wrap.


Vinyl wraps deteriorate with lengthy exposure to atmospheric pollutants and UV rays. Park your car under a cover or in a garage whenever possible. You can use a cloth vehicle cover if you do not have a garage.

Sap from some trees can destroy your wrap so avoid parking your car under trees for too long. Promptly get rid of troublesome contaminants by soaking them in hot soapy water for a few minutes then rinse them off. Remember to test all cleaning products on a small portion of your vehicle wrap to ensure they are compatible with your wrap.

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