Care & Maintenance: The Non-Secret to Keeping Your Car in Shape

a car technician checking the integrity of car engine designThere is no magic formula that you can put in your car’s engine to keep it running forever, nor is there a type of expensive wax or paint sealant you will never need to re-apply ever again. Your brand new car can become fodder for a metal crusher at the junkyard in two years if you are already treating it like garbage.

There’s no secret to keeping your car looking good and running properly for thousands of miles, just good old-fashioned care and maintenance. Here’s how you can keep your car longer and with minimal issues:

Lubricate your vehicle

Motor oil is designed to lubricate the engine’s moving parts and whisk away heat as quickly as possible. It prevents friction, especially from metal-to-metal contact. Your car needs lubrication for other parts too, so you need brake fluid, transmission fluid, differential oil, and more. You must also grease some moving parts.

Know when to replace these oils and fluids by reading your owner’s manual. The older your car gets and the more miles it runs, the shorter between oil and fluid changes you may need to do. Note that replacing your motor oil according to a schedule will lengthen the life of your engine, but neglecting it will considerably shorten engine life.

Replace broken parts immediately

Making your vehicle run when a part is already broken is not only dangerous for your vehicle; it’s dangerous for you, too. It’s a machine that needs replacement parts. If you have problems with braking, for example, have it checked immediately.

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You may need to replace your brake fluid or replace your brakes in Arvada or elsewhere. A broken headlight may get you stopped by traffic police, and it may also put you at risk of accidents. Replace your tires as needed. When you buy replacement parts, get them from your vehicle’s manufacturer or at least a recognized parts auto shop.

Protect your vehicle’s body

You’ll enjoy your vehicle more if the paint stays shiny and the interior stays fine. Clean your vehicle inside and out at least once a week. Get a good quality wax or paint sealant to protect the paint. Use a preventive measure product on plastics and rubbers to prevent UV damage. Steam-clean your engine and have the undercarriage washed at least every six months, depending on road conditions in your area.

Following these tips can extend the life of your vehicle, so you’ll enjoy driving it for miles without worrying it will give up on you in the middle of the freeway. Don’t believe infomercials about magic treatments. Believe in proper and religious maintenance.