Cast or Forged Wheels? Which is Advantageous for Your Porsche


Are you having a difficult time choosing between cast and forged wheels? There are advantages to choosing one over the other, but it will depend on several different factors.

Cast Vs. Forged Wheels for Your Sports Car

wheelThere are different ways to improve your car, but the wheels you install on your Porsche will affect its performance, from its speed, to its weight, and overall look.

Cast wheels are the inexpensive alternative, but what you save in cash you sacrifice in performance, especially if you are riding a swanky sports car like a Porsche. This is the most common kind of aluminum wheel. The process involves using and placing molten aluminum in a mold to create a wheel.

Gravity casting provides a reasonable manufacturing cost and is the technique often used when weight is not a primary concern. The low-pressure method moves the molten material into the mold faster and creates a wheel that is denser, stronger and lighter.

Forging is the process of forcing materials into a shape using extreme pressure. This method produces a finished product that is strong, dense, and light. Forged wheels are more expensive as the costs of tooling, development, and equipment are high. This exclusive product is often in great demand because of its performance.

The Unsprung Weight Difference

Forged wheels are lighter than their cast counterparts. To put the importance of weight into context, it is vital to note the difference between ‘sprung and unsprung weight’. The suspension, chassis and engine support the sprung weight of your car, everything else support unsprung weight.

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Road imperfections exert force on unsprung weight, which affects the performance of your vehicle. Light wheels help reduce unsprung weight leading to better handling, maneuverability, and faster acceleration times and braking.

Retailers like provides Fuchs wheels for owners who want to maximize the features of their Porsche by installing lighter, forged wheels.

Aside from being lighter, forged tires have a higher grain density that allows them to hold polish longer compared to a cast wheel. They are also more durable as they can endure surface imperfections and damage over a longer period.