4 of the World’s Top Luxury Car Rims

September 12, 2015

People nowadays consider footwear as an integral part of their fashion. It’s not all about what’s on top anymore. The same can be said for cars and their rims. More than giving your ride added Read More

Common Misconceptions About Car Donations

August 9, 2015

There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding car donation. Prospective donors do not know how to spot a legitimate charity, and they mistakenly think that only traditional cars can be donated. There are false ideas everywhere, Read More

2015 CR-V in Top Gear

January 8, 2015

Now more than ever, falling gas prices coupled with year-end promotions are making SUVs so much more enticing to the buying public. This is the backdrop that the 2105 Honda CR-V arrived to. The demand Read More

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