Ceiling Fan Designs and Features to Look For

Ceiling FanCeiling fans give homes an air of sophistication (pun unintended) in any room they are put in. There are a number of designs you can choose from that can accentuate the theme and style of your room. Ceiling fan designs can range from simple and minimalistic to complex and profound. No matter your preference, there is a ceiling fan design that you would like to have.

Design Trends

According to Aeratron, distributors of ceiling fans know and follow the trends in ceiling fan design. With their knowledge of the trends, you can consult and get an overview of which design and features should be in a ceiling fan that you should purchase for your house.

The most common ceiling fan design is the standard three-blade plastic fan. If you want to add more style, you can opt for a different material, such as aluminum, or even wood blades. You can also choose to have fewer blades. Some ceiling fans use two blades, and some even just one. This is a show of minimalist design while keeping the original function of the fan.

Lighting, Packaged

One feature of most ceiling fans ceiling fans distributors would like you to know is the lighting. This lighting has many different forms and function. Dimmer incandescent or LED lights are useful as a night light as it creates an ambiance of calm and peace – perfect for libraries or study rooms. Another option is the use of bright halogen or LED lamps, a great replacement for your regular house lights.

Additionally, consider the function of the fans instead. You have to find a fan with enough power to provide quality airflow in your living room or anywhere else in your house.

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Remember that the primary goal of a ceiling fan is to conduct airflow and not necessarily cool you down. Keeping all these aspects in mind, you can find the perfect ceiling fan for your room.