Choosing the Right Cargo Bike Trailer for Your Child

Biker family silhouette during sunset

Attaching a trailer to your bicycle teaches your kid to explore other places and of course, how to ride a bike. There are different types of bike trailer depending on your kid’s age. These include the mounted child seat, the cargo trailer, and the complete bike.

MADSEN Cycles cites some of the features you should consider for your kid’s first cargo bike trailer.

Front vs. Rear Mounted

A front-mounted trailer seat gives your kid a great view of the scenery as long as you keep a slow pace to prevent any untoward accident. Choosing a rear-mounted trailer seat gives you a better vision of what’s ahead, allows you better maneuverability to avoid holes and other obstruction.

Frame and Rim

Ordinary trailers are usually made of steel, which is quite heavy, especially if it’s a cargo type. If you have extra money to spare, choose a frame made of alloy. Strong yet very light, it will allow you to go farther without challenging much of your endurance. Like alloy, rims made of aluminum are also light and won’t rust.

Wheels and Suspension

Too much bumpy roads may cause a not so pleasurable ride. To lessen the effect, choose large-sized (between 16 to 20 inches), inflatable wheels, so it can easily absorb the bump. For a more comfortable ride, there are trailers that have built-in suspension systems.

On the other hand, smaller wheels allow more movement and easy maneuvering while traveling. This is usually the top choice of people living in areas with tight paths, narrow lanes, or zigzag roads.


Usually, cargo trailer designs are like old carriages complete with soft, stroller-like mattress and seatbelt, especially for younger kids. However, some low-end models don’t usually come with rain covers. Be sure to choose a trailer that comes with a rain cover; you can easily roll it up when it’s not in use.

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Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to begin your search. Don’t forget to buy only from a reputable supplier to ensure quality and value for money.