Coaching on the Work at Height Regulations 2005: Must-Knows

Platform Equipment Operators in StaffordshireIn England, a multitude of businesses and industries rely heavily on mobile and non-mobile elevating work platforms. These machines play crucial roles in their daily operations. From accessing hard-to-reach areas to lifting and carrying personnel to higher levels above the ground, they make the life of many labourers a lot easier.

However, as with any other type of heavy machinery, you need to make certain you only hire licensed and trained operators. In addition, when going for access platform hire services in Staffordshire, you have to ensure you work only with a company known for its dependability and stellar reputation of owning high quality, well-maintained fleet, such as Premier Platforms.

The 'Work at Height' Regulations 2005

The term 'work at height' pertains to any jobs that involve working in areas that put employees at risk of falling from a distance. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 consist of safety precautions that all workers should abide by, or they may find themselves in an injury-causing accident, or worse, death.

Workers at height include those who work above the ground or floor level, have the risk of falling from edges, fragile surfaces, or openings, or have the potential of falling into a gap in the ground.

Renting access platforms that meet these regulations

Not only do you have hire trained and licensed access platform equipment operators, you also have to thoroughly check that the machine meets the Work at Height Regulations 2005 standards.

For instance, when hiring mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs), you have to take into consideration these factors: height, application, environment and conditions, skill of operators, obstructions, work environment traffic, restraints, and regular checks.

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As long as you choose a company that offers properly maintained and high-quality lifts, may they be LPG scissor lifts or Skyjack LPG lifts, you can avoid disasters that may result in injuries or even fatalities.