Common Security Advice You Get from a Locksmith

Creating a Duplicate Key

Possessions such as homes, businesses, and cars are priceless. Ensuring their security is hence a matter you cannot afford to take lightly. You can find a wide range of proven security solutions that proficient local locksmiths offer.

Knowing where all your keys are is the most basic way of ensuring the security of your possessions. Check doors for signs of lock damage and take tabs of sets of keys that you cannot locate. Below are three other tips from a trusted Santa Rosa Beach-based locksmith that could help you beef up the security of your car or premise.

Rekey your locks or upgrade them from time to time.

You could seek rekeying services to ensure that people who find your misplaced keys cannot use them. Alternatively, get the old locks changed. As you do this, also attempt an upgrade. Technology is ever-changing, and current locks offer better security levels than their traditional counterparts. Deadbolts, for instance, offer unmatched safety if they are correctly installed.

Install home security systems.

Home security systems can reinforce the safety offered by your quality door locks. There is a whole range of systems, including those that are motion-activated. With such systems, you get an alert, and your neighbors will also get the signal in case of suspicious activities within your premise. Taking the right measures could ensure the safety of your possessions and your loved ones.

Have your new keys duplicated.

Getting locked out is common. If you have rekeyed your locks or changed them all together, get your new set of keys duplicated. Avoid hiding them in obvious places and instead get a safe installed in your office for this purpose. Seasoned locksmiths have heard all sorts of horror stories about break-ins, and they could assist you with some solid tips and secrets on how to ensure the safety of your duplicate set of keys.

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Whenever seeking locksmith services, the rule of thumb is always to hire a trustworthy contractor. Choose a trained, licensed and insured specialist. You also want to confirm that your locksmith of choice has an excellent rating.