Common Types of Classic Cars on the Market

Classic cars lined up

Classic cars are some of the most coveted items on the market today. Chicago classic car dealers will be the first to tell you that a good classic vehicle is often more attractive than a brand new sports car. These cars are commonly purchased by enthusiasts to try and make a statement. Classic automobiles can also be a great investment. In that, you can buy a vintage car now and sell it at a price higher than your buying price at a later date. Classic car dealers offer many excellent cars for you to choose from. That said, below is a list of several types of classic cars available in the market today.

American Classic Cars

Classic American cars became available to the public many years ago. However, they are still the most favorite type of classic cars among classic car enthusiasts all over the world. They are still some of the most sought after vintage cars on the market today. Such vehicles include Chevrolet Nova, Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Ford Capri, Ford Thunderbird convertible, and Chevrolet Impala.

Muscle Cars

These are small or medium-sized family cars that feature powerful engines, and most only have two doors. These cars have V8 engines and can startle straight-line speed. The muscle cars on the market today include Chevrolet Chevelle, Dodge Charger, Ford Mustang and Pontiac GTO, and Plymouth GTX.


Exotic cars are super cars with a straight 6 or 8 boxers, a V8, V12 or V10 engine. The top speeds of these cars exceed 140 MPH. The Exotics include the Dodge Viper convertible, Bentley Continental GT, Lamborghini Centenario, Bugatti Chiron, and Ferrari LaFerrari Convertible.

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Do you wish to buy your dream car or are you selling a classic car? Either way, it is imperative that you find a vetted car dealer to make sure that you get a good deal. Make sure that you do your research. Decide on the features that you would like before hitting the market. Purchasing, restoring and maintaining a classic car may not be an easy task, but it is certainly worth it.