Comparing the Different Types of Car Lifts

Car lift in an auto shop

Car lifts come in a variety of styles and models. The most common types are of the 2-post lifts and 4-post lifts. Less common designs include scissor lifts, parking lifts, and in-ground lifts. These are also called specialty lifts. outlines the different lift styles to choose from:

4-Post Lifts

A 4-post car lift offers heavy lifting versatility. Compared to 2-post models, 4-post lifts can handle heavier vehicles due to their extra support columns. This type of lift is ideal if you prefer the drive-on and park mounting method. Most muffler shops and quick-lube stations today prefer this over any other types of car lifts. While it may be more expensive, it has the advantage of mobility and lifting capacity.

2-Post Lifts

The 2-post type of lift is what you will often see in professional automotive shops. It has two sturdy posts and stabilization arms that provide more support. The lift can handle a wide range of vehicles at a comfortable height for the operator. Its main advantage over its 4-post counterpart is its more affordable price. It also has a small horizontal footprint that saves a lot of space and provides easy access to the car’s wheels.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts is a broad classification that includes all models that use an accordion-like lifting mechanism under a runway. Various types include “X,” panto-graph, and parallelogram lifts. Scissor lifts also come in different heights and capacities. Depending on the lifting requirement, scissor lifts can vary widely in size. Parallelogram scissor lift models are among the heaviest lifts available on the market. Compact scissor lifts are also available.

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You have a range of options if you need a car lift. When buying one, you must consider a variety of factors, including the vehicle’s dimensions, space limitations, and your budget.