Costly Mistakes You Can Make When Choosing a Car Rental

Car Rental

For most travellers, renting a car to facilitate smoother transportation for their trip is a necessity.  After all, car rentals can give you the freedom and convenience that you can’t have when you’re using public transportation. However, you need to watch out for these common errors that many have made and can cost you your budget.

Not Being Aware of Insurance

There are two mistakes that you can make when it comes to insurance. One is buying from the rental company when you already have your own or have it paid with a credit card. The other more fatal insurance error is not buying one at all, and then you get into an accident. Remember, even a minor incident can cost you so much without a proper policy.

Renting from the Airport

Getting a car for hire from the Auckland airport may seem practical, but it’s not the case. Rental companies that are stationed near this area will charge you much more because the lease for airport space is expensive. Contact a reputable car rental company ahead of time so you can even arrange to visit them upon your arrival.

Being Unaware of the Rental Time

You can end up paying for an extra rental day if you do not return the car on the agreed hour. Some companies give a grace period, but some don’t. Be aware of all the details of your rental’s duration so you’ll be able to estimate the return time properly.

Not Looking at Cars Thoroughly

It’s either you didn’t shop around, you didn’t do an inspection of the car that you’re going to rent, or you rushed through your inspection. Taking a good look at the possible cars that you can rent leads you closer to the best vehicle with the most excellent price for it.

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With these reminders, you can save for the activities or items that you want to enjoy instead of paying penalties for your rental. Remember, your car should make your trip more enjoyable and not be a burden. Have a safe and pleasurable trip!