Curious About Tires? Here’s How They’re Made in 4 Steps

auto mechanic in uniform is examining a tire

According to The Smithsonian, the wheel is considered “a hallmark of man’s innovation.” They’re not wrong about this, because wheels and tires have indeed changed how humans travel.

Tire expert states that because tires are the parts of a car that touches the road, they should be designed to endure heat, friction, and last long enough before repairs are needed. For those curious, how exactly are tires made?

Here’s a guide to tire manufacturing.

Blending Ingredients

You’ve probably assumed that the black material you see in tires is made of rubber. This is correct, and it is also made with other ingredients to reinforce the tire’s strength.

These ingredients could include natural or synthetic rubber as the main components; silica and carbon black to reinforce the tire’s durability; metallic and textile reinforcement cables to serve as the tire’s geometric shape or “skeleton;” and various chemical agents for tire qualities like rolling resistance or grip.

Cutting Rubber Into Strips

After they mix the aforementioned ingredients in the factory, they form a black compound with a gummy bear texture. This rubbery substance is cooled until it hardens into actual rubber. The material is then cut into rubber strips so that it will be pieced together and shaped into a tire.

Using a Tire-Building Machine

Once they start piecing together the tire on the tire-building machine, they then apply other materials on it such as steel belts, beads, and tread parts. The machine is important because it ensures that every part is in the right place.

Vulcanizing The Tire

The tire is then vulcanized or treated with sulfur at high temperatures. They do this by putting the tire in a curing press along with a hot mold. This compresses all parts of the tire and gives it the shape you see within stores.

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Finally, manufacturers do some quality checks to ensure the tire is ready to go for selling. Manufacturers who have track records in selling quality tires usually have the best tire warranty, which means you can count on these tire manufacturers If you need long-lasting tires.

When your tires aren’t tired, you’ll be sure to have safe trips on the road.