Do These Things When Transferring Furniture From One House to Another

House with furniture

The process of transferring things from the old house to the new one is among the most exhausting parts of getting a brand new property. Additionally, it can be costly, considering how many the furniture and other big equipment need to be moved. But there is a simple way to solve this problem… like the ones listed below:

Use a utility vehicle for the actual transfer

One of the reasons why a utility vehicle (UTV) was invented was to help in carrying multiple heavy things easily. It can be used to transfer small to medium-sized furniture to a new house when the new property is just down the street. It is easy to drive and even the less-experienced drivers will have no trouble in moving throughout the street. An Argo utilities UTV will definitely be a phenomenal assistance in the transfer.

Wrap furniture and other equipment with blanket or wrap sheets

Before starting to transfer sensitive furniture, it is advisable for it to be wrapped in either a blanket or a plastic wrap sheet. It will prevent damages from being done on the edges and surface finish of the furniture.

In lifting chairs out of doors, “hook” chairs around corners

Moving chairs and other furniture can bea back-breaking endeavor when they need to be pushed out of the door. To make the act of moving easier, turn the chair on its side like it is an “L” and take the back out of the door first.

Plan the arrangement of furniture in the destination

Planning ahead where each furniture will go in the new house will crash out one more difficult task that needs to be done on the day of the transfer. If people are helping in the moving of furniture, directing where a particular item will go will be in the list of tasks instead.

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Transferring your furniture should not be a stressful task. With the tips mentioned above, moving your furniture and other equipment could be a piece of cake.