Doing Minor Repairs? No More Back Pain with Motorcycle Lifts

Motorcycle Lift

Motorcycle LiftMotorcycle enthusiasts have it hard when inspecting, cleaning, and fixing their motorbikes. Some have to crouch on the ground, leading to different kinds of body pains later on. Others may use floor jacks or roller stands that don’t even make a difference. Fortunately, motorcycle lifts like Bendpak, Challenger, or Titan can make your life easier.

Steel Elevators

Motorcycle lifts are stainless steel tables that can carry up to a thousand pounds of weight. Hydraulic cylinders power these lifts and carry the weight of the load. JMC Equipment added that you can store motorcycle lifts easily in your garage, as they’re smaller in frame compared to car lifts. With this, you can raise your motorcycle to a comfortable level, allowing for easier oil changes and other tasks.

For the Big Ones

Nowadays, motorcycle lifts can carry any normal-sized bike. For Harley-Davidson or Choppers bikes, however, you will need bigger motorcycle lifts. Some brands have lifts that have attachable side extensions, so better look for those if possible so you can get both easy storage and a lift that can carry your big bike.

Customized Lift

In the latest news, the Progressive International Motorcycle Show’s Marketplace will have a motorcycle lift from Titan Lifts as its centerpiece in the 2017 tour. The lift will be customized and attached with iPads where customers can purchase products online. If you’re up for this, why not participate?

Before Purchasing

Are you thinking of buying a motorcycle lift? You have to check your bike’s specifications and the lift that can carry it. Of course, you have to make sure that the lift is something you have decided to be worth the investment.

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In maintaining your lift, you simply need to watch all the nuts and bolts of the lift. Making sure that these tiny parts are where they are supposed to be can make your lift last for many years to come.

With a lift, you can say goodbye to all kinds of muscle pains that may have plagued you in the past.