Easy Hacks You Need When Moving into a New Home

Moving to a new home is often a stressful time. Between saying goodbye to your friends and family and making sure you don’t leave anything important behind, nobody can blame you for having a few sleepless nights before the move. To make the moving process easier, follow these helpful tips.


This is the part where you don’t touch any of your things just yet. Call the utility companies to inform them of your move, whether you’re taking their services with you or simply ending them. This is also when you forward your mail to the new address (a week before you move should be enough time).

Call a moving company at this time and give them a schedule. If you don’t have a lot of belongings — say you live in a tiny apartment — you can just use your car or call for an ute rental in Auckland. A few days before the move, call the company again to confirm your rental.

Buy or collect boxes and other packing supplies (duct tape, scissors, old newspapers, bubble wrap, etc.) so you don’t have to head out when you’re ready to pack.


Packing is tiresome, so make sure to pace yourself unless you are moving out in a rush, of course. If you have several rooms, pack by going from room to room. This can also help you during the labelling part.

When you’re ready to pack, make a list of the essentials: toiletries, a set of fresh clothing that you can wear if you’re working the next day, and your valuables (jewellery, watches, laptop, iPhone, etc.). These should fit in one bag, which should go in the car with you if you’re hiring a mover.

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Label your boxes. You can do this according to room; it’s actually easier. If you have fewer rooms in the new house, it might not be too helpful. What matters is you have a labelling system that will shorten unpacking time. Your friends might be willing to help you pack, as well. If you’re throwing out some belongings you no longer need, your helpers should have first dibs.

When you get to your new home, set the boxes in the rooms where they belong and unpack the bag of essentials first. If you’re too tired to unpack and you have to work the next day, at least you’re ready with the basics.