Elegant Staircase Inspirations to Build

Stairway Design

Stairway DesignsInstalling a stainless steel staircase evolved from being only for functionality to fashion. Those who want to achieve attractive interior design work with experienced contractors to install staircases that meet their expectations and suit their budget.

For amazing staircase inspirations crafted by stainless steel balustrading service providers, let this article enlighten you. Industry experts at Active Metal list down the best stairway design ideas.

Galyateto’s Lookout Tower Staircases

Lookout towers don’t typically look great, but the one in Galyateto, Hungary becomes extra special with its stainless steel staircases installed around the main structure. The solid stainless steel staircase looks durable and fully supported with additional steel frames that enclose the entire building. The four supporting steel frames are wrapped with stainless steel woven mesh to ensure users will be safe as they climb the stairs. Apart from the woven mesh, each staircase also comes with handrails for support.

Wellcome Collection Staircase

The Wellcome Collection in London houses one of the most luxurious staircases modern architecture can offer. The newly designed staircase comes with a shiny steel serving as handrails and supporting frame for extra durability. Rather than leaving the stair as is, it comes with a finished surface for added appeal. The option used for the shiny finish is a combination of stainless steel solution and cold zinc. It’s hand-polished to ensure shine that attracts visitors. This staircase may be difficult to achieve, but experts providing comprehensive stainless steel balustrading services can make this design possible as long as details are discussed with the client.

LIMES International

LIMES International is an elegant facility that houses offices and meeting rooms meant for its employees’ use. The building looks appealing from the outside, but the architects who worked on the design gave its interior design an even better look with a prominent staircase. It has stainless steel handrails that complement the entire staircase design. Rather than being the main attracting factor, the stainless steel material complements the frosted glass serving as stair treads.

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Properly designing a home or a commercial establishment includes careful consideration of the appropriate staircases to use. It’s important to discuss the design with the contractors to ensure they understand what you have in mind at the budget you set.