Expert Motorcycle Cleaning Basics

Biker driving his motorcycle

A lot of people take the cleaning of their motorcycles very seriously. However, due to the structure of their motorcycles, this may prove to be very difficult. Thankfully, motorcycle owners know a lot of short-cuts to make this easier. The following tips are effective ways for motorcycle cleaning to be less complicated for you:

Purchase a motorcycle lift

A motorcycle lift can serve as a ramp for a motorcycle. This is useful for cleaning because you could clean up the parts of the motorcycle that most commercial motorcycle cleaners find difficult to reach. A Titan motorcycle lift also is equipped with a lot of features that you could also use in other ways.

Do not wash the bike straight after using it

It is not advisable to wash a motorcycle right after using it. When using a motorcycle, the engine usually heats up. If it becomes wet right away, the sudden temperature change may bring permanent damage to the metal parts.

Be careful when using high-pressure cleaning

Once your motorcycle has cooled down, you could then use water to clean everything on the motorcycle. But you should also be careful when using high-pressure cleaners. This is to avoid damage they can cause to the electronics and chain. Use the pressurized water for the bodywork and wheels.

Lubricate after cleaning

Cleaning with water will get rid of the lube that you applied before. Lubricate again to recoat the parts with the necessary lubrication. You should reapply it to the chains and parts that require it and pick the right lubricant for the job.

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Cleaning motorcycles do not have to be extremely difficult. Sometimes, it just needs dedication and the right equipment to finish it without a fuss. Choose the right equipment that will help you become the motorcycle maven you’ve always wanted to be.