Fact or Fiction? Car Battery Beliefs & the Truth About These Myths

Car BatteryIf you own a car, it is just right that you also know how it works. Basic car knowledge includes familiarizing oneself with common car practices. The thing to consider, though, is how some of these “basic car knowledge” is passed around through stories at the auto repair shop or through unsolicited advice from a local, non-pro driver. Which of these supposed car care tips should you believe?

Car Battery Myths: Uncovering the Truth

For starters, some people believe that leaving a car battery in storage will cause it to self-discharge. This notion is true, as discharging begins because of sulfation. The lead sulfate crystals form in the pores and surface of a lead-acid battery, allowing it to discharge while in storage. Placing your car battery in a cool enough storage area will impede the discharging process.

Another car battery belief is that solar cars are a joke since they don’t use batteries. People believe that owing to their nature, these cars won’t run at night. This belief – that solar energy-based cars are mere toys – is the joke. Solar battery-powered cars are a real thing. A solar battery showcases a specific design for solar power installations, which often have minimal maintenance requirements.

In addition, there are drivers who also think that using bad batteries will not damage the charging system of their cars. This is another bit of fiction, as deteriorating car batteries can actually cause a car to stop working normally. Using old or bad car batteries can lead to premature car failure due to staining the starter, which will eventually end up in additional repair expenses.

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Lastly, car enthusiasts have this prevailing idea that a good car battery will continue to work past its lifespan of five years. Surprisingly, this is a fact. With proper maintenance and careful use, a quality car battery can last beyond its common lifespan of five years.

Know Your Facts

Owning a car requires responsibility because a vehicle will only last if its owner knows how to take good care of it. In the maintenance of a car, one should be aware of its parts, its in’s and out’s, and how it works. This, of course, also demands awareness and ability to distinguish between fact and fiction.