Factors That Will Influence Your Decision to Repair or Replace Your Plumbing

Plumber hard at work

Even with the best maintenance, plumbing systems deteriorate and, at times, fail. Prompt intervention is important when dealing with any plumbing issues. Any loss of time may lead to costly damages to your building due to floods, mold, and mildew.

You should always contact reliable plumbing contractors in Harrisburg, PA and avoid any DIY plumbing projects as much as possible. DIY plumbing might cause more harm to your pipes. The decision on whether to repair or replace your pipes is a difficult one. Here are some factors that should influence your decision.

Type of Pipe Material

Different pipe materials have varying life spans. Brass and cast iron last for 80-100 years while copper pipes can last for 70-80 years. PVC pipes will last for 25-40 years. Though this is the average lifespan of most piping materials, different elements will age your plumbing differently. In case, you had previously installed PVC pipes and they are now damaged due to age, it would be best to switch to brass or copper pipes.

Signs of Trouble

Discolored water, stains under your sinks, leaks, low water pressure, and exposed pipes are all signs of a compromised plumbing system. While small leaks can be repaired efficiently, discolored water might indicate rust, which calls for a complete overhaul of your plumbing. Call a professional plumber to evaluate any sign of a compromised system and recommend the best solution for you.


Some types of pipe repair might be more costly than replacing the whole system. Leaks in multiple areas, for instance, call for complete system overhaul instead of countless repairs. It is also cost-inefficient to repair pipes that are more than 80 years old instead of replacing the piping system regardless of the condition of the pipe.

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The best time to replace your pipes is when you are renovating a building or fitting it for a new tenant. This is because the pipes are exposed at this time. Even when renovating small areas of your bathroom and kitchen, hire a plumber to check the pipes in these areas. It will be less expensive to replace or repair them at this time.