Fighting Stress with Simple Changes in Your Routine

Fighting StressStress is a part of life. As a matter of fact, you need it to perform at the top of your game. Stress makes you a better competitor in sports. It also enables you to beat tight deadlines and give your best during a public speaking engagement. Stress also lets you put your best foot forward when you have to impress someone. It is also what might save your life during a risky situation, as stress fuels the fight or flight response.

All that being said, however, you can’t live in constant stress. A boss that frightens you every time you go to work, so that even as you’re in the shower you’re already feeling lightheaded. A coach that screams at you no matter how many baskets or goals you make. A significant other who makes you feel small in front of other people. Those are the kind of stressors that can make your blood pressure soar, and eventually take a toll on your wellbeing.

To fight the effects of stress, here are some suggestions.

Take a holiday

A holiday should be relaxing; it shouldn’t add to your stress and anxiety. For starters, Russell Powerboats suggests looking for a Sea-Doo jet ski for sale and take to the ocean for hours of fun in the water and on sand. Go with your friends or family and don’t think about what awaits you when you go back for a change. Just have fun.

Eat good meals

You want your body to be able to fight the ill effects of stress. So don’t add to the pressure by overindulging in unhealthy food like greasy fast food fare or chocolates and ice cream. Instead, load up on fibre and vitamin-rich greens and fruit. Eat just enough and at the right time. Don’t skip meals.

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If you love sports, then play your favourite. Golfing is good as exercise and stress reliever. It keeps you in constant competition with yourself, but the good thing about playing is you love and enjoy it. You can take breaks too and have some healthy conversations with your friends over your favourite refreshments.

Stress is a part of living, but it should not define your life. Live well, and you’ll find yourself adjusting to stressful situations better.