Five Things to Do During a Power Outage

Emergency Light Auto Lighting When Power Outage

Your home is not a critical infrastructure, at least not to the government and your power company. Accordingly, it may take several days to restore power to your home after a disaster. If you don’t want much disruption after a power outage, you should prepare for a lights-out event.

Here are five things you should do in response to an interrupted power supply:

1. Charge your mobile devices

Mobile phones, tablets, and laptops are important communication tools in times of disasters and power outages. While you have power, be sure to charge these devices so you can stay in touch with your utility company, friends, and extended family. You’ll not be in the dark regarding power restoration efforts, weather forecasts, and any other crucial information.

2. Avoid overloading power circuits

Shut off all electrical appliances and lights soon after the power goes out to prevent overloaded circuits when your power comes back on. If you anticipate a power outage, shut off and unplug all unnecessary electrical devices or appliances.

3. Call your utility company

Keep your utility account number close and call your electrical company when you lose power. Report downed lines and outage, as well as neighbors who may also be affected.

4. Use emergency generators safely

Operate your generator according to the manufacturer’s instructions and take safety precautions. Some of the important things to remember include keeping your generator outdoors and dry, as well as scheduling regular maintenance of the generator. Indiana residents who have emergency generators are also advised to install battery-operated carbon monoxide (CO) alarms.

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5. Have the electrical systems certified

If there has been wind or flood damage to your electric equipment, a licensed electrician must check and verify that the systems can still be used safely.

Power supply interruptions are a part of life. Power outages that last for some time can cause massive disruptions. Fortunately, you can reduce losses and recover power more quickly by investing in an emergency generator.