Flamboyant Art After Death: A Bucket List for Taxidermists and Fans Alike

Profesional TaxidermistsTaxidermy is an art form that transcends life and death. It is an intimate and aesthetic encounter between a taxidermist and an animal that carries them beyond the depths of understanding. This is their way of getting closer to the animal than they could ever be, even when it was alive.

According to taxidermists at Dourlain.com, “the hunt comes alive, forever.” It is a way to immortalize the beauty of wildlife and relive the excitement of the hunt. Apart from the thrill of hunting and becoming a professional taxidermist, here are a few more places and events to add to your bucket list.

The Victorian Collection

Hidden on the second floor of the small town library of Granville, New York lies a large private Victorian taxidermy collection that pretty much looks the same way it did in 1909. As years went by, there were only a few people allowed to view the portal to the past. However, today, the Pember Museum just reopened and it didn’t change much visually. The museum’s creator, Franklin T. Pember, collected most of the stuffed animals himself and even offered his skillful hand at taxidermy to some of the wildlife.

A Pop-Up Taxidermy Class

Mickey Alice Kwapis is currently going around the whole country to host three days of taxidermy classes. The 25-year-old has already been to different states teaching people the art of taxidermy. She can set up her classes in homes, workspaces or businesses as long as there is a sink with hot running water, freezer, and other requirements. She will be sharing her passion in Houston, Texas from September 9 to 11. More information about her classes is on her website at mickeyalicekwapis.com.

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There are even huge events like The World Taxidermy and Fish Carving Championship last held in Springfield, Missouri in 2015. They scheduled the next one at Peoria, Illinois from May 16 to 20, 2017. Better have your calendars ready and experience your fascination first-hand.