Forklifts vs. Loading and Unloading Docks: Which is Better?

Interior of a warehouse

Loading and unloading docks are effective handling solutions that are usually used in warehouses and factories. They come in different types, including rollers, conveyors, docks, drives, and skates.

These loading and unloading systems are a great substitute for the traditional forklift, as they make the job a lot easier and safer. Read on to find out why you should go for container unloading platforms rather than the traditional forklifts.

No Running Forklift Fleet Costs

When you’re operating a warehouse or factory, having only one forklift won’t cut it. You would have to get a whole fleet, which can be very costly. You would also need to think about the maintenance and operational costs every now and then.

With loading and unloading docks, you would only need to buy two systems: one in the trailer and one inside the dock. This is a one-time investment, so you would not need to worry about the upkeep too much, although you would need to have it checked every once in a while to make sure everything is working properly.

Less Labour Costs

When you get a whole fleet of forklifts, you would also need to hire a designated driver for each one. Now, you would not need to think about the forklift costs and the labour costs for the operators.

With loading and unloading systems, you only need to assign at least two people to operate the systems: one to load the pallets and one to unload them. This would eliminate the hefty labour costs, as you would not have to hire more people.

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Safety in the Workplace

If you are a warehouse owner and you have been working with forklifts for a while now, then you probably know how dangerous they are. One wrong move and you can send a pallet or a rack to the ground. Warehouses and factories often hold extremely delicate items and forklifts are not the best choice to keep them safe and secure.

When you have a loading and unloading system, you can reduce or eliminate the risks of your pallets falling. Most of these systems are very secure, so you can load and unload your fragile items and boxes safely.

Loading and unloading docks are becoming the practical choice for many business owners. Get your own system now and see the difference.