Freezing Air Cons Aren’t Cool: The Likely Causes

Air Conditioner

Air ConditionerYou’ve probably noticed that sometimes, your air-conditioner starts freezing up. This isn’t a good sign and isn’t an indication that it’s working extra hard to make your room cold. In fact, you’ll probably notice that isn’t as cold, even if the AC unit looks like an igloo.

If you start seeing icicles form around your air-conditioning unit, even in the middle of the summer, then there’s something wrong with it. Preventing this rather uncommon occurrence is easy, but you’ll need to figure out what’s causing it to freeze.

Running Low on Cold

Many AC repair services in Indiana, for example, note that one of the likely reasons your unit is freezing up is if it’s running low on refrigerant. This substance or fluid acts as a heat carrier, changing from gas to liquid and then back to gas again within the refrigeration cycle. It’s essentially what makes the cool air within the unit.

Your AC unit will only run low on refrigerant if there’s a leak within the unit’s lines and pipes. When it runs low on coolant, it has a more difficult time pumping out cold air. At the same time, the leaking refrigerant freezes as it escapes. If you see ice forming outside the AC unit itself, then there’s a big leak and it’s really low on refrigerant.

Dirt, dust, and debris

Another reason why your AC is freezing up is if there’s something restricting the flow of air within the unit’s air filters. Blockage from dirt, dust, and any kind of debris causes humidity to collect around the evaporator coil, which in turn causes it to freeze up. In more serious cases, ice actually starts forming around the coils and air ducts, further restricting the flow of air.

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If you notice the air-conditioning unit isn’t pumping out that much cold air, check the air filters and clean them properly to avoid ice build up from forming. You should also check the unit’s air ducts themselves; if it’s obstructed or too small, it’s probably what’s causing the ice to build up within the system.

Knowing what causes air-conditioning units to freeze up is important if you want to prevent it from happening. If you’re not confident in fixing the unit yourself, it’s always a good idea to get help from the professionals, so they can get your AC unit in good working condition again.