Go LED: Why LED Lighting Makes a Great Option for Your 4×4

4x4 LED Lighting

4x4 LED LightingLED lights are the revolutionary solution for almost all of modern society’s needs. It is has move on from being a part of residential and commercial use to outdoor activities and the car industry.  The introduction of LED light bars, floodlights and headlights have taken Australian market by storm.

What are the benefits of using LED lights instead of the typical Halogen fixtures you usually find in car parts stores all over Australia?


The amount of watts used by Halogen lights to produce the brightness required for most 4×4 is bigger than what LED lights need. Instead of minimizing the amount of lights on your truck, you have the option of expanding your lighting fixtures – whether it is required for night driving or simply for accessorizing your vehicle.
With this kind of energy efficiency, your truck will need less amount of petrol to manoeuvre steep inclines, rough roads or even long hours of travel. You do not need to worry about saving up on your floodlight and LED light bar usage, as OutbackEquipment.com.au explains.

Secure and Safe

Not only do they have green options, LED lights also come with safety brackets that provide easy installation on trucks. There are also easy and affordable DIY options for installing the LED light bars, floodlights and headlights. As LED lights need only a fewer bulbs to light up a larger area, this will save you space on your truck.

High-intensity LED light bars can fit between bull bar spaces – something that you cannot achieve with halogen lighting. Moreover, the heat coming from LED bulbs is lower than other bulbs. This makes LED lighting options perfect for any kind of rig or truck.

Upgrading to LED lights for your 4×4 makes the perfect preparation for your outdoor activities. Check available options to determine the right lights to install on your vehicle.