Got A Noisy Garage Door? Here’s How You Silence It

Garage Door in Chicago

Garage Door in ChicagoAutomatic garage doors might be convenient, but they have a complex technology. When you find yourself facing, or hearing a noisy garage door in your Chicago home, you have to consider a variety of factors. You also have to understand that the overall garage door system might be causing this and not just your door opener. Rely on the following basic guidelines to assess your noisy garage door.

Examine the Tracks and Rollers

Garage door tracks can usually gather debris and dirt that may be producing the loud noise in your door. Check the tracks and then wipe off any visible objects or debris that might have latched on to the rollers. If all else is clear on the tracks, the culprit could be in the squeaky rollers.

Traditional garage doors usually have five to six nylon or metal rollers on every side of the tracks. When you are examining these, observe if they slide when operating because this could be a sign that it is damaged or worn. They key here is to replace your rollers if they do not roll.

Tighten Bolts and Nuts

Ar-Be Garage Doors, Inc. shares that your garage door consists of a variety of bolts, nuts, screws and fastener. The daily use of your door can loosen them, causing the noise. When you are trying to identify the root of the noise, inspect and tighten all the hardware. You can easily fix a loose screw to your load and distributive garage door.

Lubricate Metal Parts

You should always lubricate the metal parts on your garage door. The tracks, springs, hinges and rollers will produce a loud squeaking noise if you do not properly grease them. Utilize a lubricant, such as motor oil and smear it using the oil can. However, ensure that you do not get oil on the nylon part of the roller and clean off excess oil with a rag.

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Once you finish doing all the basic assessment; yet, your garage door is still loud, leave the rest to the professionals. They might need to repair your garage door opener or replace it. You do not want to risk the integrity and safety of your door by doing more advanced checkups yourself.